Extra-special stories designed for French learners.

Three new fairy tales in French, with text, audio, and video. Perfect for French learners of all ages. (Even very serious adults.)

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On the surface this is a story about a girl with très longs cheveux who lives in une grand tour with no stairs, no ladder, and definitely no elevator. But it's also about different kinds of héros, and the things we do to live heureux jusqu’à la fin des temps.

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When a rich chapelier tells people that his daughter can turn le foin into gold, the king makes him prove it (or be fed to the crocodiles!) This is a story about menteurs (liars), and tricotage (knitting), and whether you should trust strange petits hommes with funny laughs.

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Les habits neufs de l'empereur

The Emperor's New Clothes

The story of a vain and boastful empereur who loves bragging about his own intelligence. But when a dishonest tailleur sells him d'incroyables nouveaux habits, the emperor quickly discovers who the real imbécile is.

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How do these stories work?

We create new versions of classic fairy tales and pack them full of good stuff for French learners.

Carefully crafted French text

Our French versions are thoughtfully written to use straightforward language and common vocabulary, perfect for French learners.

Optional English translations

No spoilers! Our translations stay hidden until you need them. But if you do use them, we'll also explain those curly idioms and interesting expressions that give a language its color.

Crystal-clear, slow audio

Listen as you read! Our audio versions are designed for learners: The native-speaker voice artists speak a little slower, and they have clear, neutral accents.

Downloadable for offline use

Grab the downloadable audio and our printer-friendly PDFs to use when you're travelling, commuting... or on a school network with slow wifi.

And now even more fun with video!

We waved a magic wand and turned these stories into videos. Incredibly useful for teachers and parents, and fun for everyone else too.

Easier to understand

Hundreds of extra illustrations bring these stories to life. All these extra visual “clues” help you to follow the story, even if you don't quite understand all the words.

Magic subtitles in English or French

You might call them subtitles, but we call them magic tools for phrase-by-phrase highlighting! Watch the video to see how they work. (Of course, you can also just switch them off.)

What makes our stories so good for French learners?

Easy-to-follow, modern language

Ditch the dusty old fairytale language that you'd never hear in everyday life. Instead, enjoy hearing stories in common, modern language. (But they still start with “once upon a time” and end “happily ever after”.)

Made with love (and language teachers)

Our writers, editors and translators have backgrounds in second language teaching. We squeeze in extra vocabulary, and use straightforward language to build confidence. Our stories are accessible for learners — but still challenging.

Better storytelling

The most useful stories are the ones you (or the kids) want to listen to over and over again until you know them by heart. So we've added our own twists to the classic tales to make them satisfying for both kids and adults.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll chant "UN-DER-PANTS" while you're getting dressed. You'll love them.

Ready to grab them?

Test your knowledge, learn new vocabulary, train your ear, teach those kids, and enjoy a fun story at the same time. Yours forever.

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French Fairy Tales for learners

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3 new stories: Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Emperor's New Clothes in French
35+ minutes of story magic
Stories written with input from French teachers
Clear, slow audio from a native speaker
Video versions for better comprehension
Downloadable audio and video for offline use
Printable PDF versions (with and without translation)

“Makes for a prep-free week of classes!”

“I absolutely love your sense of humor. The stories are all comprehensible, but also with elements of surprise to hold student interest and humorous twists to the classic versions. Really top quality in every way.

The video option is great. Having the visuals to match the descriptions makes for a prep-free week of classes!”

S. Kasten
French teacher, grades 9-12
World Language Department Chair
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“My son LOVES these stories...”

“I am raising my son bilingually in English and Spanish, and he LOVES these stories. Your stories have brought many laughs to our breakfasts and car rides.”

Justin R.
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

“... made a huge difference in my enjoyment of learning...”

“I’m learning Italian and must tell you how much I enjoy the children’s stories. These stories are great for ‘shadowing’ exercises. They’ve made a huge difference in my enjoyment of learning Italian, especially for pronunciation.”

Don R.
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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