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NOTE: To help during lockdowns, you don't need a membership to view our stories or videos. But if you can afford it, we'd really appreciate the support!

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Wait... isn't this free?

Not usually. During normal times, these audio and video stories should cost a little money to access.

This allows me to pay for things like translators, proofers, voice artists and music guys, as well as essential things like web and video hosting.

But things are a bit topsy turvy at the moment, you might have noticed. And to make it easier for teachers to use these stories while many students are remote learning, I've turned off the paywall.

This means students can now view the stories, watch the videos, and listen to the audio... all without logging in. It's much easier for everyone.

But your support would still be greatly appreciated:

  • If you are using these stories with a class, and it is within your budget, please buy a membership.
  • If you're regularly using these stories yourself or with members of your household, please buy a membership.

Your memberships keep us going.

Extra perks available to members only:

  • Audio downloads for all stories, all languages
  • Downloads for all video
  • A slightly fancier video player with searchable subtitles
  • Nice, warm feelings (also available when not logged in)

Please help me keep this open for teachers and students, and everyone else who needs a little distraction in these weird times.

If you're not sure which type of membership you should buy, or if you have any questions, please get in touch and we'll work it out together.

Stay safe,

— Aletta
(The wizard behind the curtain)

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You might be wondering...

“Can I download the audio and video?”

If you have a membership, you can download the audio and video. You must be logged in to do this.

How? There are sections at the bottom of every story where you can download the audio. The videos can be downloaded from inside the video itself, using the "share" icon.

“How do I share the stories with my students?”

You can just send your students to the web address of the story you want to share. At the moment they don't need to log in to listen to the audio or watch a video.

“Can I share my login with my students?”

If you have a classroom membership, then yes.

However, while we've disabled the paywall, we recommend that you only share your login if it's absolutely necessary. (i.e., if students must download the content.)

They can still watch the videos and listen to the audio, even if they're not logged in. And it eases the pressure on our systems and costs.

“How do I print the stories?”

You should just be able to go to your browser's "print" menu and hit the print button. You should get a nice print version of the story.

Before you do that, make sure you've opened or closed any translations, as needed. It will print exactly what you've got on screen! 

“Is this a one-time payment or a subscription?”

This is a yearly subscription.

You'll be notified before your subscription renews. You can cancel any time within your account settings, or by getting in touch.

“Why aren't there videos for all the stories? Where are they?”

Currently we only have videos for five stories. (The videos take a very long time to make.)

We certainly hope to be able to add more videos in future. When we do, you'll get access to those too.

“Can I pay with PayPal? Or some other method?”

At the moment our payment system won't let us process PayPal payments automatically. But if you contact us we can probably work something out.

“I have more questions!”

We have more answers on our About page. You can also email us and you'll get a real-life human response from Aletta. She'll probably give you a lot of smiley faces :)