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You might be wondering...

“Are there more stories and videos available with a membership?”

The stories that you can see on the website are all the stories that we have, sorry. There are no extra stories hidden for members only.

“Are there videos for all the stories?”

Currently we only have videos for five stories. (The videos take a very long time to make.)

We certainly hope to be able to add more videos in future. When we do, members will get access to those too.

“Can I download the audio and video?”

If you have a membership, you can download the audio and video. You must be logged in to do this.

How? There are sections at the bottom of every story where you can download the audio. The videos can be downloaded from inside the video itself, using the "share" icon.

“How do I print the stories?”

You should just be able to go to your browser's "print" menu and hit the print button. You should get a nice print version of the story.

Before you do that, make sure you've opened or closed any translations, as needed. It will print exactly what you've got on screen! 

You do not need a membership to print the stories.

“How do I share the stories with my students?”

If your students only need access to the text, not the audio or video, then they don't need to be logged in. You can just send them straight to the website address.

If you want your students to be able to access the audio/video from their own devices, you need to have a Classroom membership. When you purchase your membership we will issue you with a separate Student login that you can share with your students. Up to 50 students can be logged in at any point in time using a Student login.

Note: We'll create your Student login manually, so please allow 24 - 48 hours for it to be emailed to you. In the meantime you can access the material using your Classroom login. (You'll get that instantly.)

“Can I get a refund if I don't like it?”

Because our stories are all downloadable, we can't offer refunds.

We strongly recommend that you listen to our free stories to get an idea for what the material will be like. You can also watch the English video versions for free to see what the videos will be like before you purchase.

If you're using the stories with children, try the free stories first.

“Is this a one-time payment or a subscription?”

This is a yearly subscription.

You'll be notified before your subscription renews. You can cancel any time within your account settings, or by getting in touch.

“Can I pay with PayPal? Or some other method?”

At the moment our payment system won't let us process PayPal payments automatically.

You can pay by PayPal, but we have to create your account manually. This can take 24 - 48 hours, or longer over weekends. (We're in New Zealand, so the weekends come early!)

“What is the 'No-English' version? How does it work?”

If you have a Classroom membership, you'll have access to these special pages. These are versions of the stories without the English translations. If the story has a video, we've also removed the English subtitles.

You'll find a link to the "No-English" version down the bottom of a story, near your download links.

“Where are the after-reading activities?”

These are currently in development. If you have a Classroom membership, you'll get access to these when they become available.

“I have more questions!”

We have more answers on our About page. You can also email us and you'll get a real-life human response from Aletta. She'll probably give you a lot of smiley faces :)