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“How do I cancel my membership?”

You can cancel your membership yourself through your account settings. Once you cancel your account, you'll keep access to the stories until the end of the current billing period.

Watch the video to see how it works, or (if you don't fancy quirky music), here are the good parts:

Step 1: Go to "Your Details"

Step 2: Click on "Cancel membership"

Then click on this first big red button to go to the Stripe customer portal. (Stripe is our payment processor.)

Please note that just clicking this button will not cancel your membership! You need to do a few more clicks after this!

Step 3: Click on "Cancel plan"

There is just one more click after this! Keep going!

Step 4: Click the second big red button!

After all that clicking, you're here! You must click the big, red confirmation button to cancel your account. Your membership will not be cancelled until you click this button!

Step 5: Check that it worked!

You will be sent back to a page on the customer portal where you can see your account details. Double-check that it says CANCELED or WILL BE CANCELED.

Side note: 

Yes, that's a lot of clicking. If you think that you cancelled your membership, but it renewed anyway... it's generally because you missed a click somewhere. Get in touch and we'll sort out a refund for you. :) 

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