Fable Cottage support

“Why does the video player look different on my phone?”

Our fancy video player should work pretty well on your phone or tablet. But in some situations, the native media player on your device will take over. This means you'll lose some of the features of our fancy player.

The native media player will often take over when you make the video full-screen. Sometimes it will take over even if you don't click the little "expand" button. (E.g., if you rotate your screen.)

To get back to our fancy player, try exiting full-screen, or rotate your phone again.

You'll know when you're looking at our media player, because the bar at the bottom will be colored.

Tip: If you're just watching the video and you don't need any of our fancy features just now, we recommend using the native player when you're watching on your phone. Our fancy player is pretty fancy, but the native player is specifically designed for your phone, and tends to be easier to use on a tiny screen.

Our fancy player (has a colored bar)
Native player (doesn't have colored bar)
This is a success message.
This is an error message.