Fable Cottage support

“Why can't I log in?”

If you have trouble logging in, it's usually EITHER: 

  1. You are trying to use an incorrect email address (one that doesn't appear in our system)
  2. You are using an incorrect password

First thing to check: Is your email address correct?

There are a few things that can go wrong here: 

  1. You might be typing your email address into the login box incorrectly. Go back and check that spelling :)
  2. You might be trying to log in with the wrong email address. Do you have more than one? Maybe try the other one.
  3. You might have signed up with an incorrect email address. Typos happen! Have a think — have you ever received an email from us? (Like when you signed up, or when your membership renews?) If you haven't received an email — ever — there's a chance you have a typo in your account email. (But let's double check in the next step — keep reading!)

Second thing to check: Is your password correct?

This is the most common cause of login problems — the old forgotten password.

Luckily it's also pretty easy to fix with our handy "forgot your password?" reset tool. You'll find it on the login page.

Here's how to reset your password.

If you go through this process and you do not receive a password reset email from us.... It's a pretty good sign that there might be a typo in your account email address. Never fear! Just get in touch and we'll fix that for you.

This is a success message.
This is an error message.