Fable Cottage support

“Why isn't the audio / video playing?”

Sometimes it can take a little moment for things to load, particularly if you're on a slow connection or a mobile device. If you're not seeing anything within 10 seconds (20 if you're generous), here are a couple of things to try:

If you can't even see the audio/video play buttons...

... and you still see the "become a member" prompt, please check that you're logged in! You can click here to check your login status. If it says that you're logged in and you still can't view the buttons, let us know! If it says that you're not logged in... you know what to do!

If you see the audio/video play buttons, but they don't work...

Do a "hard refresh": If you're on a computer or laptop, you might have a stale version of the page cached in your web browser. A nice, brisk ctrl-R (or cmd-R on a Mac) will usually sort things out.

Switch it off and on again: It's a tech-support cliché, but it really does fix a lot of things. Try fully shutting down your device, and then switching it on again.

If neither of these magic tricks work, let us know.

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