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Activities all in French

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Worksheets and activities

Elementary activities

(Ages 10 and younger)

People, people everywhere!

Basic nouns for people: Match the English to the French word

It's all in the family

Practice vocabulary for family members

Hungry Hungry Crocodile

Comprehension exercise: Feed the untrue statements to the crocodile!

Middle school activities

(Ages 11 - 13)

Your famous family (part 2)

Create and label a portrait of your famous family

Your famous family (part 1)

Recall and research vocabulary for family members

Rumpelstiltskin's treasures

Rumpelstiltskin asked for jewelry: What should he have asked for instead?

Hungry, hungry crocodiles

Read sentences from the story and find the liars

High school activities

(Ages 14+)

Rumpelstiltskin's treasures

Recall jewelry vocabulary, and rewrite the story for modern times

Filling in the family tree

Fill in the labels on the family tree

Famous families

Game to practice family vocabulary and true/false statements

All liars will be fed to the crocodiles

Find true and false statements in the story

Activities all in French

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