French Children's Stories

Retold by The Fable Cottage

Children's stories translated into French with optional English translation and slow audio from a native French speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Enjoy!


Cinderella is intelligente et gentille, but she's also très malheureuse. Will she escape her selfish belles-sœurs and belle-mère and go to the bal du roi? Or will she be stuck at home doing toutes les corvées?

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Jack et les Haricots Magiques

Jack means well, but when he foolishly sells his family's only vache for une poignée de haricots, he's in deep trouble. Will those beans really make him plus riche que l’homme le plus riche du monde?

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Hansel et Gretel

Hansel and Gretel get lost in la forêt and find une maison fait de chocolat et de bonbons. But then they also meet une méchante sorcière... Will Hansel become garçon rôti? Or can they come up with un plan?

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Les Trois Boucs Bourrus

Three hungry boucs meet a troll grossier et grincheux on their way to eat la haute herbe verte in the meadow. Will they outsmart him? Or will he eat them pour le petit-dejeuner? (And do goats really eat le gâteau au chocolat?)

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L’Oiseau et la Baleine

A beautiful (but poignant) story of un oiseau and une baleine who tombent amoureux. But a whale can't fly, and a bird can't swim. Where will they live together? This story originally appeared on and is reproduced here with permission.

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Petit Poulet

An updated version of Chicken Little: Petit Poulet is just like you and me — un poulet tout à fait normal. Unfortunately he believes everything he reads on the internet... This story originally appeared on and is reproduced here with permission.

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