I vestiti nuovi dell’imperatore

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Activities all in Italian

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Worksheets and activities

Elementary activities

(Ages 10 and younger)

The emperor's closet

Label pictures of clothing using words from the story

Dress the emperor (Elementary version)

Dress the emperor for each occasion: Draw clothing and label it in Italian

Crazy cartoons

Body parts and descriptions: Create flash cards, then mix them up and draw some crazy cartoons!

Middle school activities

(Ages 11 - 13)

That's too many socks!

Practicing (large) numbers

Guess the guest

Guess which person is being described

Dress the emperor (Middle school version)

Draw clothes on the emperor and label them in Italian

High school activities

(Ages 14+)

How to sound intelligent

Look up some advanced words and practice using them correctly

Design a new clothing line

Create an ad for a new outfit and describe it in Italian

Compliment the emperor

Practice compliments from the story, and then use them in new situations

A royal shopping spree

Practicing numbers and clothing

Activities all in Italian

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