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Activities all in Italian

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Worksheets and activities

Elementary activities

(Ages 10 and younger)

Time words

Practice time-of-day words (morning, afternoon, night)


Review names of seasons, and think about seasonal activities

Fruit scavenger hunt

Explore fruit vocabulary and practice plurals in Italian

Middle school activities

(Ages 11 - 13)

The Queen's smoothie cafe

Explore fruit vocabulary and create a smoothie recipe in Italian

The dwarfs' chore chart

Practice saying times of day, and add these to a chore chart

Comparing the characters

Practice comparing using similes (as __ as __)

High school activities

(Ages 14+)

Write a love letter

Help the king write a love letter to the queen using comparisons

Time and seasons

Practice vocabulary for time and seasons, then practice telling the time in Italian

Fill the fruit basket

Practice vocabulary for fruit from the story, and research others to fill the basket

Activities all in Italian

No items found.

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