Jack y los frijoles mágicos

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Activities all in Spanish

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Worksheets and activities

Elementary activities

(Ages 10 and younger)

What did Jack do?

Comprehension check: Answer the questions, and then arrange tiles in the correct order

Jack's counting house (bonus)

Bonus activity: Keep going with more numbers (1 - 100)

Jack's counting house

Count the items in the picture (numbers 1 - 5)

Decorate a house

Color and label parts of a house, rooms, and furniture from the story

Middle school activities

(Ages 11 - 13)

The Trading Market (Part 2)

Now play the game! See if you can help Jack make a good trade

The Trading Market (Part 1)

Preparation for the Trading Market game: Create your playing cards

Draw your dream house

Draw your dream house and label it in Spanish

Count those coins!

See how high you can count in Spanish (numbers 1 - 100)

High school activities

(Ages 14+)

Letter to charity: Help Jack's mother get the house fixed

Write a letter to a charity describing the problems with the house

If I were rich...

Write what you'd do if you were rich


The second conditional: Saying what could happen, if...

Activities all in Spanish

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