Die drei Ziegenböcke

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Activities all in German

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Worksheets and activities

Elementary activities

(Ages 10 and younger)

Three very busy goats

Talking about things you like to do: Match the sentence to the picture

Practicing greetings

Remember and practice greetings from the story

Introduce yourself to the troll

Finish the sentences to introduce yourself to the troll

Middle school activities

(Ages 11 - 13)

Things in common

Read likes/dislikes and say whether you're the same or different

Teach the troll some manners!

Use vocabulary from the story to show the troll how to have a nice conversation

Practicing greetings

Practice greetings from the story, and look up some other ways to say hello/goodbye

High school activities

(Ages 14+)

Teach the troll to text (nicely)

Practice texting politely using language from the story

Sign up to GoatFriends

Help the goats create online profiles using details from the story

Greeting scavenger hunt

Recall the greetings from the story and research others

Activities all in German

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