Italian Children's Stories

Retold by The Fable Cottage

Children's stories translated into Italian with optional English translation and slow audio from a native Italian speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Enjoy!


Once there was a girl with la pelle bianca come la neve who was un tantinello more beautiful than the jealous queen. A story of magic mirrors, multiple dwarfs, poisoned apples, and Scrabbletm

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When a rich cappellaio tells people that his daughter can turn il fieno into gold, the king makes him prove it (or be fed to the coccodrilli!)

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A story about a girl with i capelli lunghissimi who lives in un’alta torre with no stairs. But it's also about different kinds of eroi, and the things we do to live sempre felici e contenti.

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I vestiti nuovi dell'imperatore

A vain imperatore loves bragging about his own intelligence. But when a dishonest sarto sells him some vestiti stupefacenti, the emperor discovers who the real imbecille is.

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Cinderella is sveglia e buona, but she's also molto infelice. She has two selfish sorellastre and a mean matrigna. Will she go to the ballo del re and meet il principe?

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Jack e il fagiolo magico

L’inverno is coming. Jack goes to market to sell their cow, and comes back with cinque fagioli neri. Will those beans make him più ricco dell’uomo più ricco del mondo?

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Hansel e Gretel

Hansel and Gretel get lost in il bosco and find a cottage fatte di cioccolata. But then they also meet una strega cattiva...

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I tre capretti furbetti

Three hungry capretti meet un orco on their way to eat l'erba alta e verde in the meadow. Will they outsmart him? Or will he have goat per colazione?

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Il Poletto Carletto

Chicken Little gets an update for the Facebook era. Poletto Carletto reads a story on the internet that says "IL CIELO STA CADENDO!" Hysteria ensues.

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Il gabbiano e la balena

A seagull and a whale fall in love one summer, but then the weather turns cold. If a whale can't fly and a seagull can't swim, where will they live together?

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