Fairy Tales in Spanish

Retold by The Fable Cottage

Children's stories translated into Spanish with optional English translation and slow audio from a native Spanish speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Enjoy!

Los Tres Chivitos Traviesos

As you know, goats eat grass todo el tiempo. So what happens when three hungry goats meet un trol más grosero y gruñón on the way to eat la hierba on the other side of the bridge?

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Hansel y Gretel

Hansel and Gretel get lost in el bosque and find a cottage hecho de chocolate y caramelos. But then they also meet una bruja mala... Will Hansel become niño asado? Or can they come up with un plan? 

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Jack y Los Frijoles Mágicos

Jack goes to market to sell their cow, and comes back with cinco frijoles negros instead of cinco monedas de oro. Will those beans make him más rico que el hombre más rico del mundo?

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La Cenicienta

Cinderella is kind and intelligent, but era muy desdichada. She has two selfish hermanastras and a mean madrastra. But luckily she also has a hada madrina... Will she go to the baile del rey and meet el príncipe?

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El Pájaro y la Ballena

A bittersweet story about un pájaro and una ballena who meet and fall in love one summer. But then the weather turns cold. A short, simple story with repetition, this originally appeared on our sister website, The Spanish Experiment.

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Pollito Tito

A modern adaptation of Chicken Little: Instead of an acorn falling on his head, Pollito Tito reads a scary headline on the internet, and runs off to warn everyone. This story is written in the present tense. It originally appeared on our sister website, The Spanish Experiment.

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