Children's Stories in German

Retold by The Fable Cottage

Children's stories translated into German with optional English translation and slow audio from a native German speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Enjoy!


Once there was a girl with Haut so weiß wie Schnee who was un klitzekleines bisschen more beautiful than the queen. A story of magic mirrors, multiple dwarfs, apples, and Mensch ärgere Dich nicht.

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When a rich Hutmacher tells people that his daughter can turn Heu into gold, the king makes him prove it (or be fed to the Krokodile!)

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A story about a girl with langen, langen Haaren who lives in a großen Turm with no stairs. But it's also about different kinds of Helden, and the things we do to live glücklich bis ans Ende aller Tage.

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Des Kaisers neue Kleider

A vain Kaiser loves bragging about his own intelligence. But when a dishonest Schneider sells him some fantastic new Kleider, the emperor discovers who the real Schwachkopf is.

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Cinderella is schlau und nett, but she's also sehr unglücklich. Will she go to the Sommerball des Königs and meet der Prinz?

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Jack und die Bohnenranke

Der Winter is coming. Jack goes to market to sell their Kuh, and comes back with eine Handvoll Bohnen. Will those beans make him reicher als der reichste Mann auf der Welt?

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Hansel und Gretel

Hansel and Gretel get lost in den Wald and find a cottage made of Zitronenkekse and Bonbons. But then they also meet eine böse Hexe...

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Die drei Ziegenböcke

Three hungry Ziegenböcke leave the Schnee-covered mountains to find das hohe, grüne Gras in the meadow. But as they're crossing der Brücke, they hear a strange, terrifying noise...

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Henry Hühnchen

Chicken Little for the Facebook era: In this cautionary tale, Henry Hühnchen sees a scary story on the internet. It says: DER HIMMEL STÜRZT EIN! He quickly runs to warn everyone.

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Herr Vogel und Frau Wal

A bird and a whale fall in love, in spite of their differences. But then the weather turns cold... An original tale for adults (and philosophical children).

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