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“How do I reset my password?”

If you're having trouble logging into your account, or you've forgotten your password, the easiest solution is to reset your password.

You can reset your password from the login page.

Use the "forgot your password?" link underneath the login form

Step 1: Enter your email address

Enter the address associated with your account, and click "Send password reset email"

If the system doesn't recognize your email address, please contact us. (You may have signed up with a different address, or there might be a typo in your email address. In any case, we'll find you!)

After you enter a valid email address, you'll get this screen. Stop! Leave this open, and go check your email.

Once you meet this screen, stop, and go and check your email to find the reset code.

Step 2: Find the reset email

We will send an email containing a six digit code. This is your reset code. The email will look like this: 

If you don't receive the email immediately, please allow up to five minutes for it to arrive, and do not send another reset code until five minutes has passed.

(If you send a second reset code, it will invalidate the first reset code. Then if the first reset code does arrive, it won't work. So make sure it's really not going to arrive before you send another code.)

Once you've got your reset code, head back to the website.

Step 3: Enter the reset code and your new password

Back on the website, enter your reset code into the form, and then enter a new password (twice).

If you have accidentally closed this window already, you should be able to click "forgot your password?" again, and it should bring you back to this point.

If you see this screen again...

... DO NOT click the "send password reset email" button.

Instead click "I already have a reset code" to be taken to the correct form.

Step 4: Log into the website with your new password

When you submit your new password, you will NOT be automatically logged into the website. You will need to log in using your email and new password.

You've got your new password! Now use it to log in!

If this doesn't work for you...

If this process doesn't work for you, or you're still having trouble logging in, please get in touch with us and tell us

  1. Which step you're having trouble with
  2. What you're seeing, or what messages you're receiving
Still need help? Get in touch